2019 Board and Team Managers Meeting will be held on Thursday, August 22nd.

Unassigned players will be contacted with team information following the scheduled meeting.

See everyone soon!

ABOUT Wilmington women's soccer association

Founded in 2006, The Wilmington Women’s Soccer Association (WWSA) offers the women of Southeastern North Carolina an opportunity to play competitive ball and socialize with great people.

Regular Fall/Spring outdoor seasons are comprised of 7v7 teams. Games are played on Thursday evenings 7 pm and 8:30 pm at New Hanover County’s Veteran’s Park Complex ORANGE Soccer Fields

Driving Directions

WWSA invites women of all skill levels, over the age of eighteen to join our league.

WWSA 7v7 Rules

Game format is 7v7. 

All free kicks will be direct, including any normal indirect infractions (ie dangerous play, keeper mishandles ball, etc) Free kick is taken at point of infraction. Direct infractions inside the penalty area will result in a penalty kick. Any indirect infraction inside the penalty area will result in a direct kick at the point of infraction.

Any goal kick or punt by the keeper that crosses the half-way line without having first touched the ground or another player will result in a free kick by the opposing team on the half-way line.

Sliding Tackles will not be allowed. Violations will constitute a direct kick and a caution if warranted." (a caution is a yellow card.)

Teams must have at least five players of their own on the field at all times. Any team with less than five of their own rostered players to begin the game, or any team that cannot continue the game with at least five of their own rostered players on the field will be charged a forfeit. Teams are allowed to borrow players from within the league. Any registered player may play with any other team under the following circumstances: Guest players must arrive before the end of the first half. No guest player is allowed to play once the second half starts if she has not already played in that game. A team with only seven players may pick up one sub. A team with only six players may pick up two players. A team with only five players may pick up three players. However, in the case of borrowing three players these guest players may only sub for each other as five rostered players are needed on the field at all times. Additionally, only one rostered player from a team borrowing players may be on the bench at a time. In other words, a team cannot have two of their own rostered players sitting while two guest players are on the field. There are no guest players allowed for end of season tournament games.

Game clocks start promptly. A team with less than five rostered players will have ten minutes from the scheduled game start time to produce enough players to field a team. If a team begins the game late due to waiting for players, the lost game time will not be made up.

Halves will be 35 minutes long, unless deemed necessary to shorten by referee and WWSA officials due to, but not limited to: inclement weather, loss of lighting, injury, or any other unforeseeable event that might occur.

Any protests must be made by noon of the following day. Protests regarding referee decisions of game play will not be entertained.

There are no offsides.

Shin guards must be worn at all times. No jewelry is allowed (with the exception of flat wedding bands.)